LED Video Wall Instructure

1. Installation of bracket Structure

The wall of the LED display installation requires load-bearing walls and solid walls, not hollow walls such as hollow bricks or cement walls. Kindly noted. Planning the installation position of the screen, calculate the installation height of the LED screen, the left and right margins, etc. on the wall, and fix it on the wall with expansion bolts using fixed L angle brackets. At the same time, use a spirit level or a laser spirit level to check whether the mounting height of the bracket is horizontal. If it is not flat, it is not conducive to the installation of the LED screen. There are 10 L angles, 4 on the top and each 1 on the left and right, as shown below:

2. LED Display Module Disassembly

This LED display is front maintenance one. You must remove the LED module from the cabinet with a front maintenance tool and carefully place it in another safe place. It is best to disassemble one row of cabinets, and then disassemble the other row of LED cabinets after installing one row of cabinets. At the same time, do not mistake the sequence, because the software has been adjusted the color correction, if the order is mixed, it will cause color difference.

3. LED video wall cabinet fixed and adjust

Install the LED cabinet on the LED display bracket, install from bottom to top, in the bottom row, first install it in the middle, then install it on both sides. The installation method is fixed on the vertical pole of the bracket with screws and mounting pieces. Lock the connection between the two cabinets with the L angle hexagonal tool. Adjust the horizontality, verticality and flatness of the cabinet at the same time. This step is very important, otherwise the LED display is unevenly installed or stitched or misaligned.

After installing a row of cabinets, connect the power cables and network cables at the corresponding positions of the cabinets. The network cables are routed from the screen up and down. Each column of cabinets has two network cables, one above and one below. The upper one is connected to the upper three cabinets, and the lower one is connected to the lower two cabinets. Total 10 network cables are connected to the sending cards, there are three power cables, two row is one power cables, the last row is connected to one power cables.

4. LED Module Installation

Install the LED display module on the corresponding box in the order of removal, and connect the power and signal cables at the same time. Pay attention to the four sides of the module, do not squeeze or bump, because the module is very expensive and very fragile.

5. Whole LED Video Wall Debugging

Connect all the network cables of the LED to the sending card in sequence. The upper network cable is 1 to 5 and the lower network cable is 6 to 10. At the same time, the input of the sending card is connected to the output of the video wall controller Check whether the power cable is connected. After confirming that the power cable is connected and the power voltage normal, power on the LED video wall , open the video wall controller’s software, set the screen splicing scale, At the same time, use the debugging computer to connect the corresponding LED sending card, and set the corresponding pixel for each sending card.

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