Remote Control & Monitoring Management Software



  • Device and Panel Array Grouping for easy, convenient management

  • Single sign-on to consolidate the management of all ATEN RCM devices

  • Flexible image setting for various, all-encompassing applications

  • Instantaneous remote access to RCM device ports by double-clicking for emergency management via WinClient viewer

  • Customizable Panel Array layout for up to 25 (5 x 5) simultaneous port monitoring

  • Supports full screen pre-view and WinClient viewer in a maximal size

  • Event notification and Access Control Box pushbutton alert

  • Log records for easy tracking – able to store RCMMS system log records so operators can analyze past usability and plan future optimization

  • Supports up to 10 language options

  • Customizable settings to meet the various customer needs and different applications

  • Export / import of all RCMMS settings, including device group list for easy deployment

  • Two types of user account that can be confi gured for easy management – Administrator and User. Administrators have full access and configuration rights to the RCMMS and all RCM devices / ports added while users have access and confi guration rights only to the RCM devices / ports they are authorized for

  • Device / Port status indication – supports up to 5 kinds of device status that are indicated by icons to easily identify the connection status of all devices / ports at a glance




License Options

RCMMS050B (RCMMS basic version license for 50 ports) RCMMS100B (RCMMS basic version license for 100 ports) RCMMS200B (RCMMS basic version license for 200 ports) RCMMS001BAO (RCMMS basic version add-on license for 1 port)


WinClient Panel array mode (up to 5x5)

Compatible Appliances

KVM over IP switches


Authentication & Authorization

Local user account authentication and management (administrator and normal user) Data store is secured by AES-256 encryption


System messages

Task scheduling

Export/Import database and configuration backup/restore (.db) Export/Import user accounts (.xlsx) Export/Import device lists (.dev) Export logs (.log)


System logs Device logs

Supported OS

Windows 7/Windows 10

Multilingual Support

English, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 日本語, 한국어, Française, Español, Português, Deutsch, Pусский.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

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