KVM Products

Cable KVM Switches

Eliminate clutter and the bother ofconnecting separate keyboard, videoand mouse cables with cable KVMswitches that consolidate all cablesbuilt right into the switch.

Cat 5 KVM Switches

lmprove IT asset management andreduce costs by consolidating accessof resources by controlling up to 1024servers with daisy-chainable Cat 5high density KVM switches.

Computer Sharing Devices

Enable two users to share theprograms, files and resources of asingle DVl or VGA computer from twoseparate USB consoles.

Desktop KVM Switches

Take advantage of both ergonomicstyle and advanced functionality forregular and commercial workstationapplications across all fields inresolutions up to 4K.

lP-based Matrix Switches

ldeal for installation in combinationwith the KE/VE89 series products.They come with embedded DMS functions to facilitate device management anytime and anywhere.

KVM Extenders

Extend your console up to 20 km awayfrom your computer or installation indata centers, libraries, construction sites, factory production lines andmore.

KVM Over IP Switches

Manage data center or branch officeservers via remote access at anytimeand from anywhere with scalable,sustainable and secure enterprise-class KVM over lP solutions.

LCD KVM Switches

Reduce costs and maximize serverrack space with dual rail LCD KVM solutions that provide robust controland full scalability in combination withother ATEN KVM switches.

Matrix KVM Switches

Control an entire server room/ datacenter reliably and securely in real-time with quick access, flexible expansion and seamless high qualityvideo over Cat 5/6 cables.